China introduced new duties on goods from USA

Китай ввел новые пошлины на товары из США

Almost 5,5 thousands of American goods in China imposed duties of 5 to 25 percent. Beijing has threatened restrictions on exports of rare earth metals.

China’s leadership announced the introduction of new tariffs on American goods. Saturday, June 1, goods from the States worth $ 60 billion are subject to duties ranging from 5% to 25%. The new rules apply to approximately 5400 names of products, among them beauty products, coffee machine, sports equipment, musical instruments, condoms, diamonds and wine.

In addition, in light of the conflict around of the telecommunications company Huawei in Beijing, said the possible restriction of export of rare earth metals, which are of special value to the technology industry. China also announced a black list of “unreliable” foreign enterprises.

Earlier, Washington imposed higher duties on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion. The US President Donald trump has repeatedly said that China needs to pay billions of dollars in taxes. Experts believe that “b”? most of the additional costs will fall on the shoulders of American consumers and importers.

The scandal Huawei

The U.S. Department of Commerce on may 17 announced its intention to make a Huawei in the black list because of threats to national security. The company blamed, in particular, stealing technology, spying and selling us parts to Iran despite sanctions against that country. Actions by the us authorities led to the fact that many IT companies has stopped cooperation with a Chinese company.

Manual Huawei on may 29 filed a lawsuit in the US demanding to recognize illegal the inclusion of the group in the blacklist, and a ban on the acquisition of technology American IT companies. The company claimed that US authorities are unable to provide evidence that Huawei poses a security risk.