China is approaching another Typhoon – 24 Channel

На Китай насувається черговий тайфун  - 24 Канал

To the East coast of China on Sunday, 16 August, approaching Typhoon “Yagi”. That’s 14-second account of the Typhoon this year. Due to the Typhoon in Shanghai showers are expected with strong wind.

It is reported by UNN with reference to the Agency “Xinhua”.

According to the Shanghai weather service, at 14:00 hours on 10 August, the epicenter of the Typhoon “Yagi” was about 1260 km South-East of Zhoushan city Zhejiang province (East China – ed.).

According to the forecast, the Typhoon with a speed of 15-20 km/h is moving to the Northwest and will gradually gain strength.

Under the influence of Typhoon on 12-13 August in Shanghai are expected rains with strong winds, the maximum wind power on land will reach 7-8 points.

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