China refuses to buy contaminated with chlorides oil from Russia

Китай отказывается покупать загрязненную хлоридами нефть из России

Customs authorities of the PRC may require customers to abandon the purchase of oil with a high content of chlorides, according to the interlocutors Reuters. A number of traders are forced to send tankers to other regions.

China refuses to buy Russian oil, contaminated due to the ingress of chlorides in the oil pipeline “Friendship”. Chinese customs authorities banned customers to buy oil, if the chloride content exceeds the national standard, say five interlocutors of Reuters, people familiar with the situation, on Tuesday, June 25.

In some parties, this figure was 10 – 20 times higher than acceptable, the Agency says. The result is the world’s largest oil trader, Swiss-Dutch company Vitol, was forced to send tankers back to Europe and Southeast Asia. Similarly, received and international trader Glencore. According to Reuters, more than one million tons of oil, worth $ 500 million so far not found buyers.

The Chinese government and oil traders refused to comment on the situation, but the Russian authorities did not respond to a request, the Agency said.

Disruptions in the export of Russian oil via “Friendship”

The Druzhba oil pipeline passes through the territory of eight countries of the European Union and is considered the longest in the world. In late April, Russia was faced with interruptions in the export of “Friendship” because of oil pollution. It found high levels of chlorides. Belarus has suspended the export of light petroleum products (gasoline and diesel fuel) in Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States due to a sharp decline in the quality of Russian oil flowing to the refineries of the country.

In Belarus, the damage from damage of oil-refining equipment, which led contained in oil chlorides, experts estimate that hundreds of millions of euros. The Belarusian side intends to complete the extraction of contaminated oil through the pipeline back to Russia by mid-August.

Russian oil deliveries via pipeline Druzhba to Germany was resumed in the night from 16 to 17 June, but not yet fully.