China will be engaged in the search for extraterrestrial life using a giant radio telescope FAST

Китай займется поиском внеземной жизни с помощью гигантского радиотелескопа FAST

China has decided to connect to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence under the SETI project (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence). According to state media, Science and Technology Daily, in September, a giant radio telescope FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope), nicknamed “sky eye” will be used to search for extraterrestrial signals.

The FAST radio telescope was built in 2016. Currently the device is in the process of modernization, which will reduce the influence of noise on its work and to ensure the possibility of its use for searching for potential signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.

It is the largest radio telescope in the world, its diameter is 500 metres away. It will pick up radio signals, located at a distance of more than 10 thousand light years.

According to the scientist Tancsa Zhang (Zhang Tongjie) involved in China search for extraterrestrial intelligence, the search for aliens will not interfere with planned scientific observations, which were performed using FAST. These include the discovery of pulsars and other interstellar radio signals that will allow to advance the study of the origin of the Universe. It is reported that with it was already discovered 114 pulsars.

Zhang believes that coming to Earth radio signals are unlikely to belong to extraterrestrial civilizations, but if there are aliens that transmit signals, radio telescope, FAST will increase the chances of their detection.