Chinese airlines fired more than a hundred Russian pilots

Китайские авиакомпании увольняют более сотни российских пилотов

Chinese airline Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines in the totality of plans to dismiss more than 100 pilots Russians in connection with the General downsizing of foreign flight crews.

As reported by Russian media, we are talking about early termination of contracts, or, at best, forced unpaid simple (similar to our holiday at own expense).

According to experts, the reduction of pilots due to the fact that both the Chinese airline ceased operations a significant number of Boeing 737 MAX. So, Hainan Airlines has suspended flights 11 aircraft of this type and CSA – 24 aircraft.

It is reported that over the last 3.5 years in Asia migrated more than 500 Russian civil aviation pilots. The main reason for such a massive transition was a gap in wages. So, if in Russia the aircraft commander (FAC) can obtain from 350 thousand to 650 thousand rubles, in China it can get from $ 18 thousand to $ 25 thousand per month.

Airlines from China were actively recruited foreign pilots to work on the Boeing 737 MAX, due to lack of their specialists. However, after the suspension of flights the demand for foreign aircrew dropped.