Chinese cat crossed the road: the Flagship Samsung S10 suddenly burned out – photo

Китайская кошка перешла дорогу: Флагман Samsung S10 неожиданно сгорел - фото

Blame the company throws on a supposedly external stimulus.

Samsung said that the Galaxy S10 5G supposedly burned through the fault of some “external stimulus” and not a defect of the device. As reported by Agence France-Presse, the owner of the smartphone in South Korea, which, interestingly, is known only by his surname Lee, said he left his phone on the table when I noticed that the phone came the smoke and burning smell.

“I had to drop it on the ground when I touched him, because baked,” said Lee. The report includes images of the smartphone, which show signs of damage from overheating. “After receiving the device from the client, Samsung carefully examined the device and concluded that the damage was caused by external impact,” reads the statement from Samsung received today.

However, the stimulus was never called that zastavljaet you think, though factory second. Unfortunately, the Korean giant is increasingly crossing the road, the Chinese cat in the face of heavyweight stremitelno Huawei and Xiaomi gaining momentum.

The Korean tech giant experienced a PR nightmare in 2016 after recalled 1 million of their Galaxy Note 7 due to fire danger and burns. As the cause of the malfunction, Samsung pointed out the faulty batteries. Last week, Samsung has canceled several events in China for its Galaxy Fold after the reviewers reported that the folding screen device breaks down contrary to the promised hundreds of thousands folding.