Chinese New year in Overwatch – a festive event was added to the game shortcut “Capture the flag”

Китайский Новый год в Overwatch - праздничное событие добавило в игру ускоренный «Захват флага»

Celebrated New year in the Gregorian calendar, celebrate, and Chinese! Well, at least in the Latest event in honor of the year of the Rat will last until February 5.

Event “Lunar New year” will feature two fights, one of which is new:

• “Capture the flag” mode in which you want to capture the enemy team flag and bring it to their base without giving the enemy to do the same. Also available is “Competitive capture the flag” – with the qualification matches, leaderboards and winning points.

• “Quick capture the flag” is a new scuffle. Essentially the same as the normal “capture the flag”, only the flags of the teams are closer to each other, and winning requires not capture three, and six.

In addition, players can participate in weekly challenges. For victory in the “Quick game”, “Competitive game” and “arcade” rely the following awards:

First week (from 16 till 23 of January)

• Three wins – icon “Vajra” (Fist of Death)

• six wins – graffiti “Concentration” (Fist of Death)

• nine wins – the face of the Fist of Death “Monk”.

The second week (23rd-30th January)

• Three wins – icon “Ancient bronze” (Winston),

• six wins – graffiti “Ancient bronze” (Winston),

• nine wins – the appearance of Winston’s “Ancient bronze”.

Third week (from 30 January to 5 February)

• Three wins – icon “Rat” (RAM),

• six wins – graffiti “Spring” (the RAM),

• nine wins – the shape of the RAM “Paper cutting”.

In addition, from the lunar containers you can get new costumes, emotions, best moments, badges, graffiti, replica and much more. On top of that give loans to buy discounted holiday items from past years. All fresh items – on this page.