Chinese scientists have found an interesting fact about the temperature on the moon

Китайские ученые выяснили интересный факт о температуре на Луне

The temperature on the back side of the moon is much lower than that was recorded on the visible side of the satellite.

As writes the edition, N+1, the researchers analyzed the data, received after the lunar station Chang’e 4 is out of hibernation.

So that night the moon began on 13 January and lasted two weeks. So during this time the temperature dropped to -190 degrees Celsius, far below the minimum values recorded on the visible side of the moon.

Previously, scientists assumed that the temperature on the moon ranges from -173 degrees Celsius at night to +127 degrees Celsius during the day.

According to researchers, this fluctuation may be due to differences in the composition of the soil on different sides of the moon.

What is Chang’e 4? Is this the Chinese station, which launched on 8 December. The main function of the device – the reverse side of the moon. She needs to inspect location and topography, to analyze the mineral composition and structure of the upper layers of the lunar surface and to study neutron radiation and neutral atoms. This will allow to make representation about the conditions on the reverse side of the moon. It was the first in the history of mankind a successful soft landing on the opposite side of the satellite.

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