Chinese students sent into space and the self-made satellite and first made the Earth with the Moon

Small satellites have made the fans and sent it together with a big Chinese machine.

Китайские студенты отправили в космос самодельный спутник и впервые сделали снимок Земли с Луной

Recently, the Network appeared fresh from the Earth and moon. It is noteworthy that it was made by Chinese students. A homemade satellite camera is called Longjiang-2. He was sent into space on may 25, 2018, together with the larger lunar communications satellite, which is designed to support the 4th Chinese lunar Rover Chang’e 4, which is orbiting the moon.

A small satellite was developed by a team of students-lovers of Institute of Technology of Harbin in the province of Heiluntszyan in China. To make a unit and send it into space, it was decided to allow beginning investigations people to receive radio signals and to take photos.

When the Earth and Moon are lined up in a single line, a group of students-lovers decided to make the sent to your device appropriate command. They then downloaded the resulting image in a radio Observatory in Dwingeloo in the Netherlands.

One of the study’s authors and operators of the radio-Observatory of tamo Yan Dijkema said that they admire the invention of Chinese students. They saw how the image is constructed at every step. Initially there was no certainty that the Land will be in the field of view and exposure is correct. However, when they saw the first blue ball appears, all doubts immediately disappeared.

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