Cholesterol promotes the growth of glioblastoma

Холестерин способствует росту глиобластомы

Scientists have concluded that up to 90% of all glioblastomas gain momentum, being able to absorb the cholesterol.

Glioblastoma is the most common malignant brain tumor. According to the report on the study conducted by researchers from Ohio state University in the United States, for the cells of this brain tumor, the excellent food is cholesterol – thanks to this substance the tumor cells grow and multiply.

Many types of cancer in the body begin to develop under the influence of hormones. The researchers aim to determine which triggers are activated in the case of glioblastoma. Experts have experimented on animals, and investigated the tumor cells of the human brain.

As a result, the authors of the study concluded that “up to 90 percent of all glioblastomas programmed absorption of cholesterol”.

Recall that glioblastoma is a deadly cancer: the average duration of human life from the moment of diagnosis is 15 months. The results obtained by scientists – another reminder of the importance of controlling the level of cholesterol in the body, as well as restrictions of dietary cholesterol absorbed by the people with food. High cholesterol is dangerous not only as a probable factor of atherosclerosis, it also promotes the growth of dangerous tumors.