Choo-Choo! Mr X in Resident Evil 2 can be turned into Thomas the tank Engine

Чух-чух! Мистера Икс в Resident Evil 2 можно превратить в Паровозика Томаса

During the passage of the remake of Resident Evil 2 scared you awful Mr. X? Get ready, now will be even worse: the modders turned it into a Thomas the tank Engine – character children’s books and cartoons “Thomas and friends”, and also the hero of numerous memes.

The modification, which is posted on the website of the Nexus Mod user ZombieAli, changing only the character model. However, to complete the madness, you can put the familiar theme music and the corresponding sounds – they were provided by a user under the name DJPop.

If you want to try your psyche for weakness, try one of the past mods that accompanies the appearance of Mr Thomas (the tank Engine X?) track rapper DMX – X Gon’ Give It To Ya. Video mix crazy waiting for you below.