Choose a reliable pump for water

Выбираем надежный насос для воды

In a private house, to the country or to other places where there is no Central water supply, but there is a need for water, you need to buy a good pumping equipment. Huge selection of household and industrial models from the best brands presented in the online store Come in, choose a suitable pump for water for their purposes. If in doubt, contact the managers of the company. They will advise and also talk about the terms and conditions of payment and delivery.

Water pumps: types and characteristics

Pumping equipment can be used both for pumping and for pumping water. Besides, it is different sets – with water immersion or without (in this case the water intake hose). The models themselves can be of different types, so before buying from their characteristics and features it is important to understand.

Thus, the purpose of all the pumps are divided into:

  • Household. This is the device for home use. They are compact and easy to use, but inferior industrial capacity. Buy them both for water intake (installed in wells, wells), and pumping for irrigation. The only drawback is that they are not designed for continuous operation for a long time (usually have to turn off every few hours).
  • Industrial. Powerful device, which can be used for water supply in high-rise buildings, on the farm or a huge economy. Reliable, maintainable.

The type of the mechanism used there are several types of models.

1. Centrifugal

Quite popular due to its characteristics and versatility – and put them at the enterprises, on farms and on private household plots.

By the way, the centrifugal model might be:

  • Surface type. Designed for the diversion of water to a depth of 10 m.
  • Submersible. Powerful household pumps that can draw water from depths up to 60 m.

They also have other advantages – reliability, ease of regulation, smooth and continuous water flow, low maintenance.

2. Vibrating

Used less frequently because of the vibration of the housing can more quickly fail. Have compact dimensions and light weight. However, such devices are small capacity, so they rarely choose for regular use.

How to choose

When you purchase, in addition to the purpose and mechanism used device should be taken into account:

  • Their goals. Choosing a pump for irrigation from a well or reservoir, look for a more powerful model. After all, she will not only swing, but also to pump water and not having enough power, it will not be able to provide the desired pressure.
  • The terms of use. So, if you plan on taking water from muddy ponds, it is better to take the drain pump. It can be used also to drain cesspools, flooded basements. By the way, the size of the contaminants with which it can operate, as a rule, does not exceed 3.8 cm, but if necessary you can select install from a chopper.

Especially interesting models with sensor akvasensor – they can set the water level at which the device turns on automatically. Such offers brand Gardena. To find them in the online store Kulibin. By the way, it managers will also help to calculate the power, performance, pressure installations.