Choosing the best floor mats car

Выбираем лучшие коврики в салон автомобиля

For the comfort and cleanliness needed car mats. It’s a simple accessory that will allow you to preserve the aesthetics and attractive appearance within the vehicle. However, when it comes to selecting mats, the buyers have large number of doubts. And to resolve them, it is recommended to understand what the mats are and how they differ.


Floor mats car, you can choose from the link they may be produced from

  • rubber;
  • polyurethane;
  • textiles;
  • Eva.

The most common are rubber models. Their advantages – high sides and an affordable price.

Polyurethane rubber models differ from those that have less weight, resistant to high and low temperatures (not harden in the cold), to abrasion.

Popular and textile floor mats. They are attractive appearance, easy to clean and affordable. At the same time, should pay attention to the characteristics of the material. If the mats are made of conventional foam material, they are recommended for use only in the summer. If the accessory is made of rubberized textile, it can be operated at any time of the year.

Eva is a flexible cellular material. When you use these mats, is a uniform distribution of water under my feet. Despite the lack of bumpers, these models cope with the problem of delay dirt is no worse than textile.

When choosing, it is necessary to consider not only basic material, but the features of the models. Availability of enhanced podpaliny zone will allow to maintain intact areas that are most prone to abrasion.

Выбираем лучшие коврики в салон автомобиля


Manufacturers offer, as a model, which is suitable for certain brands of vehicles and universal accessories. When choosing the model of rugs guarantees that they will completely match all notches and climbs and something that is completely fit into the interior of the cabin.

Versatile options are available in any shop selling accessories for vehicles. They are of a great size, so that they can be used even for SUVs and pickups. If the area rug is too big it is possible to reduce yourself.

We should distinguish this sort of as 3D mats. They are the model. The main feature is that the accessory is made of a multilayer structure. Due to this, the provided anti-slip effect, resistance to high and low temperatures. In addition, it is worth noting that these mats are attractive appearance and easy to operate. When choosing such models, you should pay attention to the materials used for different layers, and the presence of interchangeable bearing.

Thus, given some basic parameters, you can choose a suitable option with the least amount of time.