Choosing the best perfume for men

Выбираем лучший парфюм для мужчины

To choose the perfume for men is not easy, however, to understand the varieties of men’s fragrances can be fun to make your life easier. Such a gift will be appropriate for any occasion and always fit my husband, brother, father, colleague and even the boss.

Men’s fragrances: quick facts

Aromas do from natural raw materials and synthetic. The composition of natural spirits extracts and aromatic oils. It is the concentration of the latter ensures the intensity and durability of the perfume. On these grounds it primarily klassificeret:

  • From toilet water from 4 to 10% of essential oils. It provides a light scent, fragrances are kept for about 3 hours. By the way, the Cologne even less, since it is the composition of 3-8% essential oil.
  • From toilet water – up to 20% of essential oils, the scent of which will last until 8 hours.
  • Perfume – the most concentrated (30%). Their odor can stay the night.

There are other classification:

  • Linear perfumes smell the same all the time, but nonlinear with time revealed in a new way (they smell changes after a few hours).
  • Elite is designed for a broad audience and niche for the discerning consumer (for these spirits choose a more expensive and refined raw materials).

The composition of perfume

When buying you should focus on the knowledge about the olfactory pyramid. So, every flavor stand out:

  • Top notes (initial). Most often to create them using citrus, spices that provide a distinct smell, but dissipates after a few minutes.
  • Middle notes (heart). Disclosed in 10-15 minutes after spraying and kept for up to 5 hours. Usually the heart notes are flowers, fruit, herbs.
  • Basic Daisy chain. The most persistent sometimes remain on clothing for several days. These typically include wood, balsamic aromas.

How to choose

A good perfume emphasizes the character of the owner. Therefore, if the fragrance is selected for a gift this powerful man, he must be quite rich, sharp, and if someone who is in a romantic myself, it is more fresh.

When buying you can also focus on the types of men:

  • Business, ambitious and goal-oriented person it is better to take options with wood motifs (popular cedar, sandalwood).
  • Irresistible macho with the explosive nature of the perfect perfume, in which intertwined amber and patchouli.
  • Creative person (artist, musician) often choose warm scents based on cinnamon, incense, vanilla.
  • The athlete need something fresh, explosive, for example, fragrances with notes of citrus, ginger.

Finally, gallant gentlemen like something from niche fragrance with notes of cedar, vetiver, bergamot.

Besides, you can always focus on the purpose of the smell. So, day – discreet, unobtrusive, while the evening are characterized by a sharp, pronounced flavor.