Chris Gilbert called the drugs, which can lead to death

Крис Гилберт назвала лекарств, которые могут привести к смерти

Named five groups of drugs that when misused can lead to death.

According to the article the doctor and the author of numerous books on medical topics Chris Gilbert, the risk can be avoided if you follow the recommendations in the user of medications.

In the list of Gilbert entered nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The doctor says that despite bezretsepturnykh, these drugs carry serious health risks. If you take them for a long time or in high doses. They can cause stomach ulcers.

To reduce the risk of premature departure from life will help recommendations: the medication for a short time (not more than 7 days), on a full stomach with additional anti-ulcer drugs, if there is a need to continue the treatment.

Any use of any drug you should consult with your doctors.

In second place at Gilbert – drugs to thin the blood.

“There are cases when patients took these drugs for several years without noticing symptoms, when at a certain moment appeared headache, diarrhea and vomiting,” writes the doctor.

Taking anti-inflammatory drugs increases, in this case, the risk of bleeding.

The third place is occupied by the antibiotics. According to Gilbert, they can carry moderate and severe allergic reactions that can also lead to premature death.

Most importantly, the author writes, it is impossible to apply medication uncontrollably.