Christmas trend: the network is flooded with pictures of Christmas decor for eyebrow – Lifestyle 24

Різдвяний тренд: мережу заполонили знімки з новорічним декором для брів - Lifestyle 24

Every year bloggers from all over the world set new Christmas trends that hit the singularity. So, Instagram is flooded with pictures of bizarre make-up and decoration for the eyebrows.

Perhaps all of the most popular beauty experiments associated with eyebrows. Than just bloggers are not surprised the public: eyebrows-fish, eyebrows-a few colored eyebrows. Now, before the holidays, the web is increasingly publish photos of Christmas eyebrows.

It is not known who founded the unusual beauty fashion, however, it is gaining momentum. 24 LifeStyle journalists picked the most spectacular body painting and decoration for the eyebrows.


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