Chronicle of global warming. December 2017

Хроника глобального потепления. Декабрь 2017


2017 may be declared the hottest since records began. According to preliminary data, global emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased in 2017 to 2% after it was unchanged the previous three years.

Observations show that over the past five years the average temperature rose by 1.1°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

In 2017, the hurricanes hit the whole territory from the Caribbean to Ireland. More than 1,200 people died in the floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Drought struck East Africa and the Western United States. A prolonged drought in southern Europe has led to water shortages and forest fires.

In Europe in 2017 was hotter than average for long-term observation period, especially in the far North. The ice cover of the sea has considerably decreased in comparison with the average values. December was particularly warm in Eastern Europe, temperatures above the average were observed in the South-East.

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