Chrystia Freeland was Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

Христя Фриланд стала вице-премьером Канады

The former head of the canadian Ministry of foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland in the new government he occupied the post of Deputy Prime Minister, said on Thursday the newspaper the Globe and Mail.

“We with Christ have worked closely on some important issues facing Canada and the world, they are, frankly speaking, affect national unity, energy and environment, affect the relationship between all provinces and regions of the country – it will be extremely important in a time when we see a completely different point of view across the country”, – said the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, while highly commending the work of Freeland.

Notes that the former foreign Minister of Canada will also be responsible for relations between Canada and the United States and for the solution of regional problems.

Chrystia Freeland on the maternal side has Ukrainian roots.

Early in his career, Freeland has worked as a journalist in Ukraine and was a stringer for a number of English-language publications.

She has repeatedly stated that Canada and its allies are steadfast in supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. She noted that Russia can become a member of the G8 if the return of Crimea to Kiev and end the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Trudeau has recently been presented a new Cabinet of 36 Ministers, four of whom are of Indian origin.

The foreign Minister appointed a specialist in international trade and international counsel, françois-Philippe champagne, a member of the house of Commons bill Morneau was appointed Minister of Finance, Minister of national defence of Canada harjit Sarjan retained the post.

Liberal party current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trud won the General election in Canada in October.

He is the head of government of the liberal minority.