Cindy Crawford has revealed the secret of the ideal figure: video

53-year-old American supermodel shakes the world of slender and fit body. She poses in a swimsuit and wears a mini. However, the key to seductive appearance is regular exercise. Even on vacation, she finds time for sports.

Supermodel looks extremely young for his age. Star 90 fruitfully and faithfully work on yourself in the gym. Active lifestyle and passion for sports allows her to flaunt an alluring body and sometimes cause envy even young colleagues.

Cindy Crawford quite often publishes in his instagram video training. It’s like yoga, and exercise with heavy weights. The star is trying to prove that it’s not genetics and luck, and the desire. Even in the absence of special simulators can work on his body.

Now a celebrity is on vacation in Malibu. However, she not only enjoys the sun and ocean beaches, but also sports. The other day she shared a video with his training. Model, running, wearing Cycling shorts and oversized sweatshirt Burgundy color. Helped her to gear up for stunning scenery and music.

Cindy Crawford quite often motivates fans by example. It shows that even at 53, you can have a slender body, worrying about their health both outside and inside.