Cinema asked to remove the restrictions of the Ministry of culture “the Royal corgis”

Кинотеатры просят снять ограничения Минкульта с "Королевского корги"

Private Russian theaters refuse to show shot in Russia cartoon “Hurvinek. Magic game” due to restrictions imposed by the Ministry of culture of Russia to the Belgian painting “the Royal corgis”. About this newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to representatives of the film companies.

Several private companies have sent the office a letter in which they demand to remove restrictions on the rental of foreign paintings. A letter signed by the Association of owners of cinemas, as well as other companies that are not listed among its members: “cinema Star” “Karo” and “Kinomax”.

The premiere of “the Royal corgis” officials asked to be moved to the end of March or beginning of April, since the film was shot created a competition in Russia “Hurvinek”.

In its decision, the Ministry referred to the decision of the government under which the distributor can refuse to premiere on the requested date, if at the same time appeared on the market a similar domestic product.

Cartoon “Hurvinek. Magic game” produced by film Studio named after Maxim Gorky, together with Czech and Belgian companies, with the support of RTR. The plot of the cartoon is built on the adventures of a boy of ten. “The Royal corgis” was shot in 2019, in Belgium.