Cinera introduced a mobile movie theater in a headset

Cinera представила мобильный кинотеатр в виде гарнитуры

Cinera представила мобильный кинотеатр в виде гарнитуры

Screen with a diameter of less than inch by today’s standards seems ridiculous, but “personal cinema” Cinera Edge proves the opposite. Gadget places the picture a few inches from the eyes, inside the headset. In addition, the promised support 5K and Dolby Surround Sound.

The company has long been engaged in such devices. However, the new version looks much leaner and more elegant than the previous and in size resembles professional headphones, writes the New Atlas.

Features a new headset

The new Edge weighs 490 grams, its dimensions 197×207×103 mm. the Company notes that engineers have distributed the weight so that not all of the weight concentrated in the front part of the headset, and now it’s much easier to wear for a long time. At least you can withstand a half-hour Comedy. And battery 5299 mAh enough for three hours of work of the gadget.

Inside the headset Cinera Edge – a pair of OLED displays with a diameter of 21 mm each, but with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, which brings the screen to the 5K. More precisely, the width is really a 5K, but the height of the screen half the time. In addition, the owner receives the field of view of 66 degrees horizontally, nearly in the format of IMAX cinemas.

The developers claim that the feeling while watching like if you watch a 30.5-meter screen from 20 meters away.

That can be viewed on Cinera Edge

The system runs on Android 7, so you can run programs like Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu or Twitch. Plus there is a MicroSD card slot.

In the Pro version there is also a HDMI port through which easily connects your computer, game console or player, and Dolby Digital surround sound with four speakers in each ear and a 32 GB instead of 16 GB of free memory.

To manage the menu through the touch panel on the headset, and 3D support allows you to pass in each eye a separate image to create a stereo effect. The picture can also be customized features of the user, so he didn’t have to wear glasses under the headset.

When you can buy Cinera Edge

To support the release of Cinera Edge on Kickstarter, where the project has already gained $ 100,000 more than was stated. The base model – $ 450 (12 UAH 175), Pro will cost $ 550 (14 881 UAH). Delivery promise to begin in December 2020.

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