Citizens began to refuse the grants, find a good reason

Гражданам стали часто отказывать в субсидиях, находят веские причины

Nearly 19 000 inhabitants of Kyiv region received a refusal in granting of grants for payment of utility services for debts on payment of utility bills, inaccurate data specified in the Declaration or because of the move.

This was reported by the press service of Kyiv regional state administration in response to the request of UNN.

According to the CODE, the most common reasons for refusing to grant debt subsidient to pay a mandatory share payment for utilities, the total of which exceeds 20 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens; unreliable data in the Declaration, influenced the establishment of eligibility or the determination of its size in excess of 10 thousand rubles.

Also in the subsidy be denied in the event of circumstances that make it impossible to grant – for example, in the case of moving the household to another house or in another place, or if during a sample survey of the social, the inspector found signs of violation of the law in the appointment of subsidies or the definition of size in excess of 10 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.

In addition, the CODE said that during the heating season 2018-2019 subsidy received 216 300 households, whereas households 18934 this right was denied.