City buried in the debris: in the Crimea, raised the alarm over the impending disaster

Города утопают в мусоре: в Крыму забили тревогу из-за грядущей катастрофы

In Russian-occupied Crimea brewing problem with debris, which can become a disaster.

The problem is particularly serious in Kerch and Feodosia, reports “Crimea. Realities”.

The publication notes that the Russian Federation has delayed the “garbage reform” that may lead to the collapse of waste disposal and increased social tensions.

“They talked about the fact that their reform is the selection of a regional representative, who is fully involved in waste management. It is based on competition, but each operator needs from their funds to begin an educational program to supply tanks for sorting, to ensure the logistics, storage, and logistics processing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, because to find the Finance for the sorted waste is impossible. The world is going on with the support of the business, that is, all producers of goods, containers and packaging financing separate collection of waste”, – said the coordinator of the project “Ukraine without garbage” Eugene Oratovska.

She noted that the move to a new system of sorting and processing waste in just a few years is almost impossible.

“For example, Sweden sorts out the rubbish more than 60 years, and they don’t remember how it started, what challenges faced. But we do know that people incorrectly threw out the garbage, did not want to pay for garbage collection, hid it in the woods… Should be replaced at least three generations who grew up on educational programs that began in kindergartens, in schools, that garbage should sort”, – she added.

In addition, the Crimean ecologist Margarita Litvinenko explained why the occupants on the Peninsula difficult to create new recycling enterprises.

“We cannot say that there is a catastrophic collapse of the junk, but nevertheless the situation is very complicated. The authorities have painted themselves into such a situation, and they are hardly something you can do… Normal investor who wants to work and to continue to cooperate with the civilized Nations, now will not come here, because they would be afraid of sanctions. Their funds from the authorities there, from Russia to give them too much, because it’s expensive. Therefore, garbage collapse may occur some time”, – concluded the scientist.