Civil war and Ukraine without the Crimea: the football club was criticized for a video about Ukraine – Channel 24

Громадянська війна та Україна без Криму: футбольний клуб розкритикували за відео про Україну - 24 Канал

Rival Zoria Luhansk in the Europa League the Portuguese “Braga” on the eve of the match with the Ukrainian team produced a video clip about Ukraine. That’s just the video itself caused quite a storm of criticism. As information on the club’s website.

In the video a former football player and current employee of the club Alan Osorio talks about Ukraine. It notes that Ukraine consists of 24 provinces.”

In addition, at the site of Braga in the view of “Dawn” stated that the club from Lugansk. And that match could take place there, but with 2014 in the Eastern Ukraine civil war continues”.

Such statements do not remain without attention of the Embassy of Ukraine in Portugal. Ukrainian diplomats have sent a letter to the football club, where he reminded that the occupied Crimea and Sevastopol is part of Ukraine, which consists of more than 24 provinces. And what about the “civil war”, the letter provides evidence of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

“There is much evidence that the war in Eastern Ukraine an international conflict with the full participation of Russia, or by funding or providing technical means of warfare. The war, instigated and led by Russia against Ukraine, over the last four years has led to more than 10 thousand casualties… the above video is misleading in Portuguese the audience, especially on the status of Crimea and the war conducted by Russia against Ukraine. Therefore we ask that these facts were fixed,” – said in the letter.

We will remind, the first match between teams in Kiev ended in a 1-1 draw. The return Match will be held in Portugal on August 16.

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