Civilization, the Roman legions and it Sternenko

Цивилизация, римские легионеры и дело Стерненко

Know what the word “civilization” in its original “Roman” mean? Well, the “civilization” that the Pax Romana was introduced by fire and sword all around the Mediterranean?

Hint: civilian = civilian = unarmed.


All right, the Romans forbade the civilian population wearing military weapons, not to mention it’s a free application right and left.

Instead, they proposed a Law and Order, which was provided specially authorized by armed men. Those who do not civilis, and militaris.

And that is what was called “civilization”.

And there are different universities, theatres, libraries and other movies, wine and dominoes gradually they started to arise when citizens could safely, without the risk of being robbed and stabbed walking to their native habitat after sunset. When citizens were able to move from point A to point B without specially hired for the occasion protection. When a drunken dispute was to end a fight and not a massacre…

And who that would not speak, no matter how beautiful and intelligent words not uttered, but the essence of civilization, its foundations and the soil from which it may bear fruit in the form the previously mentioned theatres and libraries, is in the “bezzabotnostj” the civilian population. And his certainty that his safety was concerned, the state, and the state has specially trained armed professionals.

Thus, the United States, with its constitutional legalized tens of millions of firearms in the hands of the population, with the above point of view, is not a civilized state. From the point of view of alleged Roman these poor savages still civilservice and civilservice…

The current Ukraine, with a “Roman” point of view – the area where it is not only necessary, but just to introduce legions. In the interests of the suffering of aboriginal…

Well, today’s events under the Shevchenkivsky court, where he chose a measure of restraint radical Sergey Sternenko (as, indeed, and a lot more, which over the past six years there has accumulated a little less than three a lifetime for everyone involved) clearly indicate that “civilization” in post-Maidan Ukraine even stopped to smell.

When a citizen of a certain state 100 meters chasing those who previously attacked him(?) unarmed, catches up and kills him with his(!) with a knife, and it finds the state has a clear and unambiguous legal assessment – PREMEDITATED MURDER – the state in which this happens, is simply doomed to remain in the status of wild and uncivilized.

From the point of view of a sane citizen of the Roman Empire…

Цивилизация, римские легионеры и дело Стерненко