Classic raiding is now much less than two or three years ago – Malyska

Классического рейдерства сейчас значительно меньше, чем два-три года назад - Малюська

The Minister of justice Denis Malyuska notes that classic raiding in Ukraine is much lower compared to 2017-2018 years or early 2019.

About this Malyshka said in an interview

“Statistics are unreliable, as the circumstances under which a system of appeals against registration decisions changed significantly. When to keep track of what is happening inside the registration system, the classic raiding is much less in comparison with the 2017-2018 years or early 2019. Of course, the media noise about the so-called raider attacks and it is often corporate conflicts or conflicts of members of the condominium. And that someone else attacked the business and selected corporate rights owners – this is almost there. In most cases, is organlike that will always exist,” – said the Minister.

According to him, informed the Commission that reviews complaints, had a reputation sverhtermicheskoy structure, and “now the Commission does not take bribes – and more and more people want to submit a complaint”.

“So it may seem that the activity of raiders increased because the increased number of complaints… besides we have ceased to accept complaints on the formal shortcomings like improper Braz certified copies,” said Maluska.

According to the platform Opendatabase, the greatest number of raids occurred in Ukraine in 2017 – 724. And less were registered in 2014, 279 cases.