Climate disaster will cover Ukraine: “never will…”

Климатическая катастрофа накроет Украину: "больше никогда не будет..."

Very soon global warming will forever change the lives of Ukrainians

Ukrainian scientists warn of climate catastrophe. In the near future the country may forget what a winter. This was told by a member of the intergovernmental panel on climate change Svetlana Krakow.

Experts conducted a study and found out how global warming will affect Ukraine. The results were disappointing. According to forecasts of scientists, before the end of the 21st century Ukrainians will lose the “winter climate”. It provides that the average daily temperature falls below zero. In a few decades this will never be in the southern regions of the country. If the frosts will come, and then rarely and for a short time.

At the same time, Ukraine should preserve the annual rainfall. According to scientists, rain and snow will fall mainly in winter and spring. But the summer will be much drier. For this time of year will be the usual short but torrential rains.

And Ukraine on the black sea coast can and does dry out. Soon Ukrainians will be able to boast not only the biggest in Europe desert Oleshkovsky Sands in the Kherson region, but also several new ones.

“Around it are planted the world’s largest man-made forest, which hinders the promotion of the Sands. Unfortunately, fires and illegal logging cause serious damage to this forest. In no case should not be allowed to disappear, because if that happens, global warming will help the desert grow,” warned Svetlana Krakow.

Climate disaster will have an impact on forests. Research shows that by the end of the century Ukrainian pine trees will remain except on the peaks of the Carpathians. Scientists suggest that forest area will retreat to the territory of Belarus.

At the same time, Ukraine faces another terrible ecological disaster. Ukrainians can lose drinking water. Scientists are sounding the alarm and warn of deadly consequences.

As scientists have found, at the present scale of consumption will be enough water only for 25 years. Without a source of drinking water already now there are more than 800 Ukrainian settlements. Rivers, streams and other water bodies dry quickly.

Климатическая катастрофа накроет Украину: "больше никогда не будет..."

Климатическая катастрофа накроет Украину: "больше никогда не будет..."