Close even during sleep: signs that guardian angel helping

Рядом даже во время сна: признаки того, что ангел-хранитель помогает

Guardian angels are invisibly present nearby, and try to protect and warn us. Here are 10 signs which indicate that the guardian angel somewhere.

Shapes in the clouds

If you look at the sky, you see the outlines of a loved one, but left you a man, it can be not such and accident.


Few people know, but each angel is associated with a color, which determines its energy. Choosing this color, we can invite them into our lives. At the same time, they can use this color to let you know that they are near. If you suddenly start to see the same color everywhere, anywhere I look, pay attention to it.

Ringing in the ears

If you feel a ringing in the ears, which has no physical explanation, pay attention to it. When spiritual beings trying to guide us or to provide us with information, it often happens through the so-called “downloads”.


Music is able to convey messages from the spiritual Kingdom. You may find that you can’t get a certain song out of my head, or notice the song playing wherever you go.

Angelic intervention

This is one of the most extreme signs. And we are talking about people who at some point in their lives would not have been able to get out of a hopeless situation, if not for the sudden miracle. For example, missed the bus and didn’t get on the plane that later crashed.


The butterfly is associated with those who were in front of us. Going to the spiritual world, they are not always able to return to the form that we recognize. Instead, they can use a butterfly, to reach out and tell us what they are.


If you are emotionally exhausted, and you notice an animal or a bird sitting nearby, or even approaching you as if offering support, know – it spirit.

White feathers

White plumes have long been considered a sign of purity and peace associated with the presence of the angels. If you see a feather lying on the ground, consider that it’s not just a coincidence.

Candles or flash light

When spiritual beings enter our world from the spiritual Kingdom, they are not physical beings like you or me. Instead, they are manifested as energy, Degussa through our world.

While physically you often don’t see their presence, you can notice them in the corner of his eye.

Feelings or sensations

Sometimes you just know that someone is near. If this feeling is accompanied by feeling of comfort, security and warmth, then this may be your angel with the shoulder.