Close fast food restaurants adversely affect the cardiovascular system

Близко расположенные фастфуды негативно влияют на сердечно-сосудистую систему

Scientists from the Australian University of Newcastle after the study found a link between increased heart attacks and the opening of new fast food. To such conclusion experts have come, having studied the data of 3000 patients, Medicalxpress reports the publication.

Scientific work, in which experts analyzed health records of people who applied to the clinic with a heart attack in the hunter region (Australia) from 2011 to 2013, revealed: in areas where there are many fast food restaurants have had a higher number of heart attacks. So, every additional fast food increases the incidence of heart attack by four cases per year (100 000 patients).

Research staff were taken into account during the study, age, habits of a person, the blood pressure, diabetes and other nuances that increase the probability of pathology. The database also had information about the place of residence of the patient, which gave the opportunity to make an analysis of the number of nearby fast food outlets.

According to Taranpreet of Salugi reporting on the annual meeting of the Cardiac society of Australia and New Zealand, due to previously conducted research has identified a link between low nutritional value, high in saturated fats and salts in fast food and the development of cardiovascular diseases, and the role of the availability of fast food restaurants in relation to the health of the heart were not entirely clear.

In order to prevent or reduce the risk of heart attack, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, replacing fatty foods with fruits, vegetables and cereals. Welcome drink non-fat dairy products, fish, poultry, legumes, and lean meat.