Clumsy machine. What is the danger of uneven tire wear?

Косолапая машина. Чем опасен неравномерный износ шин?

Wheels can tell a lot about the condition of the vehicle. Worn on one side of the tire indicate the faults on the suspension and brakes. How to understand these coded messages?.

Each tire is rated for a certain lifespan and needed to lose the surface layer of rubber. On the protector there are hidden labels that are exposed over time and showing how suitable the tyre is for use. It is possible to determine not only the tread depth, but the degree and nature of the tire wear. And if the labels are displayed unevenly or have already seen, “balding” areas of the wheel, it is necessary to sound the alarm: the car “eats” tires. This indicates a possible failure of suspension or even the violation of the body geometry.

Why is the car ruining the tires?

Is that the rubber rubs off diagonally for a couple years. In other cases the tires “bald” eyes. For one summer season on the edges are formed deep chamfers and wear, reaching the cords. Of course, this should not be, it’s time to go in service on diagnostics.

There are several varieties of irregular tire wear: sawtooth, wavy, internal or external, and local holes on the rubber. For each track on the wheel – their own fault.

At the first sign of uneven tire wear, inspect the suspension of the car, check the front levers, silent blocks and rubber strut mounts stabilizers, sleeves and other details. The anthers covering the CV joints on ball joints and other suspension components should be free of cracks or cuts. If there are dents or scrapes on the levers, you need to prepare for costly repairs.

Incorrect Assembly

Sawtooth wear “Christmas tree” inside of the tire is an indication of incorrect toe-in. It is most often found on the rear axle, but can also occur in the front, especially on RWD cars.

Convergence is the name of the suspension tuning responsible for turning the wheel relative to the motion. The correct toe-in compensates for the elastic stroke of the suspension components and have a positive effect on vehicle stability at high speeds. Perhaps the problem can be solved by a simple reconfiguration of the chassis.

Damage could be frequent strikes during trips on bad roads or awkwardly put suspension parts, for example, springs struts. After every repair requires re-setting gathering and camber.

Broken arm

If the rubber wears out from the inner side only one front wheel, most likely, require replacement of one of the suspension arms in the front. Violation of their geometry leads to a subtle turn of the wheel, which begins to pull the car to the side, while the other wheels are run strictly according to its trajectory, that is right. In the end, damaged the lever causes the wheel plugit and RUB against the asphalt.

Incorrect camber

If you wear out the outside of the wheels, then the most common cause of such trouble getting shot down by the collapse. This suspension characteristic is responsible for the proper tilt of the wheel in a vertical plane which positively affects the handling and reactions of the car on team driving.

Properly adjusted, the camber angles of the wheels, increase the area of the contact patch of the tyre with the road, which helps to improve the dynamic characteristics of the machine.

Most often, the violations settings of the wheels give a strong shock when travelling on bad roads, to the detriment of suspension parts. Thus, the strong wear of the rubber is observed in the result of the addition of a number of unfavorable factors, leading to comprehensive damage to the levers, silent blocks and chassis geometry.

Waves and bumps

If the wheels are worn hillocks to form on the tread of the wavy surface, hence, not balanced drive. The wheel literally bounces along the road, and the car is shaking while driving. In addition, the same effect is given defective shock absorbers.

The waves at the tread appear, and because of the looseness in the hub bearings or pivots of the front suspension. This is serious, as the loose wheel has a negative impact on traffic safety.

Mauled body

The most unpleasant because of the uneven tire wear is in violation of the geometry of the body.

The fact that the chassis is mounted to the frame structure, integrated in the body. He sets the accuracy of the location of hardpoints. After serious accidents reference point of the power frame deviate from standard values by a few millimeters in different directions, and that is enough to deviated and suspension components. On a curved body to set the correct angles of descent and camber is impossible. In the end, the machine begins to damage the rubber. Fix the body with the broken geometry is almost impossible.

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