Coach Vitaly Klitschko told the unknown story of the career of a young boxer

Тренер Виталия Кличко рассказал неизвестную историю карьеры молодого боксера

Coach Vitali Klitschko in Amateur Boxing Vladimir Zolotarev on the occasion of the 48th birthday of the legendary athlete recalled an interesting story about a young Klitschko. In 1993 he was already a multiple world champion in kickboxing and “broke” the electrician career coach.

Vladimir Zolotarev told about a training session, during which Klitschko injured electrician Sergei, reports Sport Arena.

“When my vital was practicing kicks on the feet, I flew to another corner of the ring – so crazy was the strength of beats 23-year-old Klitschko. I specifically gained five pounds – not to swayed from side to side. But it was still very difficult.

And then I noticed that the electrician Sergei, who works in the building of our hall, comes to watch our training. By the time, approached him and asked if he wanted in the next lesson, hold paws. Electric fire: “Is it possible?!”. I psychologically stimulated, “of Course, you will be my assistant, second coach”. The next workout Sergei flew on wings. Gave him legs, he began to beat.

Look, after the first shock, the electrician started rebounding a few meters and a noticeable frown. Just a couple of minutes it was replaced, I saw that he already kept from last forces. And after class told him “That first practice will continue tomorrow”. After that Sergey as if has evaporated.

Haven’t seen him probably about a month. Finally, finding his silhouette, approached him with the apparent rigor began reading. They say, how can you, the coach has every day in training to walk. Sergey in response only wearily waved his hand. Said that already on his first lesson was injured – he has a cracked rib, so now he finishes his coaching career and is going to concentrate on their core work in electricity”, – said Zolotarev.

Тренер Виталия Кличко рассказал неизвестную историю карьеры молодого боксера


Vitali Klitschko, the holder of the titles “Honorable” and “Eternal” world champion on Boxing under version WBC. The world Boxing champion among professionals of WBO, WBA, according to Ring magazine and WBC. On a professional ring he spent 47 fights, 45 – won, two – lost.