CoinMarketCap will publish changes in the rating system of cryptocurrencies

CoinMarketCap обнародует изменения в системе рейтинга криптовалют

CoinMarketCap has presented new indicators are designed to counter the false volume of cryptocurrencies, however, concern the likelihood that the platform gives preference to the parent company Binance.

A leading aggregator of cryptocurrency CoinMarketCap (CMC) introduced a new stock ratings and market pairs based on a number of factors designed to detect a fake volume on the platform.

The new changes are based on other, recently introduced, which proved to be controversial for the new parent company CoinMarketcCap Binance.

To indicate suspicious volumes reported by exchanges, CoinMarketCap 29 may introduced its new setting, “Confidence.” The ratio uses a machine learning algorithm to explore all the data coming in CoinMarketCap “to determine whether the volumes of which are communicated to the stock exchanges, inflated, and to what degree.”

CoinMarketCap change of market pairs

CoinMarketCap has also introduced a new ranking system by default for new pairs in the market across the platform, replacing the current parameter value to the default collation.

In the future, CoinMarketCap will use a single algorithm which takes into account the liquidity factor is web traffic and the volume of each pair. CoinMarketCap is planning to introduce such a factor as the default sort for the stock ranking on its platform.

22 may CoinMarketCap removed the option to “adjusted volume,” which excluded the volume generated by a pair of charges without payment for the transaction, together with the analysis of transactions and derivative instruments.

The blog platform is that users were puzzled by the order of enterprises in pairs, coming to the conclusion that this setting must contend with high volumes.

May 14, CoinMarketCap has launched its new “factor of web traffic.” The criterion aims to analyze user activity on exchanges, including number of page views, unique visitors, time on site, bounce rate search engine and search engine rankings.

New parent company CoinMarketCap, crypto currency exchange the Binance, was criticised for the methods of accounting of web traffic because Binance eventually took first place. A similar figure had previously been considered and rejected CoinMarketCap after the recent change of ownership.

Web traffic included in the new figure by default. Binance been in the first place.

May 8 service CoinMarketCap launched its “enhanced liquidity”, which aims to define cryptocurrency exchanges, producing less wheelspin priority for orders of $100 to $10 000 in favor of retailers.