Colleagues of a maniac, a therapist admitted that the murderer was doing with patients: “many of the services is not taken”

Коллеги маньяка-терапевта признались, что душегуб делал с пациентами: "много за услуги не беру"

There are new facts of the scandalous Affairs of a maniac Boris Kondrashin, who managed to get a job in a Russian hospital

As we previously reported, dangerous killer managed to expose the patient that identified him as a classmate.

The woman was very scared, raised the alarm and wrote a statement to the police, after which the maniac was arrested.

It is noted that Boris Kondrashin during this time, virtually unchanged in appearance: the same fat and the same look, only the beard.

On different medical sites is the murderer presented himself as a therapist and a psychiatrist-narcologist, and constantly pointed to different places of work. Apparently, he created a “track record” before the future employer from the hospital No. 11, where he eventually officially employed.

“I had a chance to talk with him once. Talked about family, about work. He complained that not enough money, so forced to have a private practice at home. Left your cell phone, and said if my relatives or friends will have problems with alcohol and drug abuse, you can contact. And said: “a Lot of services for no charge, but the restoration of a person guarantee”. He was treated alcoholics, drug addicts, went to his people… he also shared that previously, she worked in rehabilitation centres for alcoholics and drug addicts,” says one of his colleagues.

About how the former took a job in a city hospital, in comments to journalists said the representative of the medical institution. The interviewee immediately said that maniac Boris Kondrashin was not involved in treating patients.

“He’s been here for only a month. Treatment was not engaged. Only worked on patients in the Department of medpreparaty. His duties included prevention of Smoking, alcoholism. Led a conversation about the dangers of Smoking, the benefits of physical education”, – he said.

A hospital spokesman also said that Kondrashin had many patients and was “quite a normal friend.”

“He made an adequate impression. It is a normal companion. Enough (patients – ed.). On advice to him were often written Negative reviews about his work were reported. To work every day. Clean, well maintained, in a white robe. He claims,” – says the source.

It is also known that during the search of the apartment the security forces discovered the drugs.

“Access to psychotropic drugs. Investigators said he had them prepared. I’m telling you, he is not a fool” – summed up the representative of the hospital.

Коллеги маньяка-терапевта признались, что душегуб делал с пациентами: "много за услуги не беру"

Коллеги маньяка-терапевта признались, что душегуб делал с пациентами: "много за услуги не беру"