Collected signatures for the abolition of the Trianon peace Treaty. SBU prevented a provocation in Transcarpathia

Собирали подписи за отмену Трианонского мирного договора. СБУ предотвратила провокацию на Закарпатье

In the Transcarpathian region has suspended the activities of the group, whose actions contain signs of infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, reported the press service of the security Service of Ukraine on 10 July.

According to investigators, the citizens of Ukraine attracted to the implementation of strategies to appeal to international institutions the results of the Trianon peace Treaty. Under this agreement, in 1920, from the Kingdom of Hungary ceded territory, including part of the territory of modern Zakarpattia region.

Law enforcement officers documented the fact of use by representatives of foreign organizations of the citizen of Ukraine for collection of signatures of area residents in support of the petition for cancellation of the terms of the Trianon peace Treaty.

Initiated by the SBU examination showed that the ballots, which were used by malefactors for the survey, contained appeals to violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The organizer of the survey is reported about suspicion. It elected a measure of restraint. Verify information on the possible involvement in anti-Ukrainian activities of other individuals and organizations, noted in the SBU.

Trianon peace Treaty was signed between the Victor countries in world war I and defeated Hungary. He was signed on 4 June 1920 at the Grand Trianon Palace of Versailles, entered into force on 26 July 1921. With the signing of the Trianon peace Treaty Hungary lost 72% of its territory and 64% of the population.

According to the census conducted in 2001, in Ukraine lives of 151.5 thousand Hungarians, a majority – in the Transcarpathian region.

Law enforcement officers