Colombian actress Sofia Vergara showed passionate photos since the beginning of his career

47-year-old star of the silver screen Sofia Vergara rarely pleases his fans with a sexy photo blog on Instagram. But during quarantine, she was not the first who decided to remember his youth and to show the result spicy photo shoot in Miami.

At the photos, the actress is dressed in a sexy lace bustier black color, which perfectly highlighted her Breasts and waist. Natural blond hair a gentle stretch along the back, and hands were raised for expressive cleavage. Gentle makeup and penetrating gaze fascinated the fans of Sofia.

Sofia Vergara young / Instagram / @sofiavergara

In the caption, the woman admitted that the picture was taken in 2000 in Miami. Then the actress was 27 years old, and her career was just beginning. It is known that Vergara was the star of more than one dozen films and serials, the most famous of them – “American family”, “Fun Willy-nilly”, “Chef on wheels” and others. It also was the presenter of the shows. She is one of the judges of the show “America’s got talent”, which due to the outbreak of coronavirus stopped filming.