Colonel of the army of Syria was named the best tank in the world, having humiliated the “Abrams” US

Полковник армии Сирии назвал лучший танк в мире, унизив «Абрамсы» США

The eternal and the AK-47 T-55 tank won dozens of victories in the middle East.

Museum exhibit which is still on the move – Russian/Soviet medium tank fell into the hands of the military of the Syrian Arab army, and they left impressed.

CAA Colonel Mohamed Guni told the journalists that he highly appreciates Russian technology, be it weapons, tanks or aircraft.

With the American “Abrams” or the Israeli “Merkava” is much more problems, which is quite surprising, at first glance – easy to break, difficult to use and care, they will not stand the test of time, as they claim to be military experts.

Despite the more technologically advanced T-72, which filled the tank battalions of friendly countries in the middle East, the cavalry of Bashar al-Assad addicted to technology, truly time – tested T-55 is put on the Assembly line in 1958.

“We love Soviet tanks, we were taught the technique. Most of all I love T-55. Of course, T-72 – the accuracy and convenience. But more reliable – the T-55,” said the Colonel Guni.

Despite the lack of amenities, air conditioning and a number of inconveniences inside the car, the officer expressed that it is only for the better – it all relaxes the soldier, and in combat one must always be focused and intense.

American analysts of the edition of The National Interest also, making a ranking of the most “immortal monsters”, put the T-55 in the 1st place.

“This tank is not as old as the mammoth and all that it involves. It is rather elderly and beloved grandfather, the head of the family – confident, overbearing, knows his business,” – commented on the words of the Colonel in the network.

Like Kalashnikov, the tank is not whimsical in use, “does not require a great mind to operate” cheap and easily replaceable. What is not true about the tanks, which are touring the militants.

According to the officer, the American and Israeli vehicles, including “poluvremena” “Abrams”.