“Color moods – blue”: the Cord came up with their version of the song Kirkorov

«Цвет настроения - синий»: Шнур придумал свою версию песни Киркорова

Sergei Shnurov performed an unusual cover of the hit Philip Kirkorov – the frontman of the “Leningrad” quail song, “mood Color blue.” Recording from the gig in Moscow Barvikha available in the YouTube channel Leningrad Crew, according to 5-tv.ru.

Cords didn’t change the lyrics of the song Kirkorov, but he sang it in a typical of the “Leningrad” manner, while peeping words in the piece. The public cover obviously liked hall echoed Shnurova, and in the comments to the video users praised the vocals of Sergey.