“Come on ultrasonography of the lips”: Borodin responded harshly to critics after rumors of plastic

"Идем на УЗИ губ": Бородина жестко ответила критикам после слухов о пластике

Leading “House-2” continues to argue with the fans because of their appearance.

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Face Ksenia Borodina does not rest its subscribers in social networks. For many years, they discussed what operations could do a celebrity. Usually on the Internet there is a debate over the lips of the stars who are said to be more. The very beautiful deny that something pricked on the lips, however, because such speculation is very angry.

Now, the leading “House-2” said that she was tired of questions about lips and ready to take the most desperate measures. It offers users to collect a million rubles for her, so she did an ultrasound of her lips. The procedure should show if they gel. If the substance is found, Borodin will take the user’s money. But if the lips of Kseniya still increased, it will give the amount of fans.

“Go with you to the ultrasound of the lips and if there find the gel, I you 1 million, if there is no gel, then you won a million rubles…

– wrote Ksenia Borodina in “Instagram”.

Also the star of the show “Dom-2” wrote that she, like all people, have their flaws, but she calls not to point them out.

Some fans with the opinion of the leading fully agree, others continue to indicate that the appearance of the artist has changed. She Borodin has decided to limit access to the comments.

“Before lips were thinner, and therefore I ask”, “lips are the same, just the cheeks left, and that looks like lips increased,” “you made the lips, all have laugh at the fact that you are not able to admit it, a fivefold increase, go on, admit it)”, “Xenia, you’re perfect,” he said subscribers under the.

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