Coming massive reduction: teachers and doctors thrown in street

Грядет массовое сокращение: учителей и медиков вышвырнут на улицу

During the quarantine, special changes have affected teachers and physicians. The first was forced to teach children in remote mode, the second is to operate in emergency mode because of the situation with the pandemic. However, there were rumors about what the public sector expects something unpleasant.

As reports the news telegram-channel “Resident”, citing its personal sources in the Office of the President, for 2021 are preparing to conduct mass layoffs. It concerns precisely the public sector. That is, teachers, doctors and other professions, including some Ukrainian officials.

It is noted that according to the agreed original version of the agreement between Ukraine and the International monetary Fund, in 2021 in our country needs to optimize about 50 thousand employees. Thus in 2022, the figure is expected to have more, write in telegrams-channel, 90 – thousand state employees.

“In this way, the IMF demands to reduce the burden on the budget of Ukraine”, – wrote in telegrams-channel “Resident”.

It is worth noting that not so long ago, Ukraine received a tranche from the International monetary Fund. It is known that the total size of the credit is equal to five billion dollars. Then it was noted that money from the International monetary Fund will have to go to the state budget to cover its deficit. Of course, that the external debt in the future will have to return.