Coming perilous times: doctors told how to avoid in March

Наступает опасное время: медики рассказали, как не простудиться в марте

Spring has arrived! It gets warmer outside, breaks the first green, the sun often peeks out from behind the clouds.

What a pity that this charming time increases the risk to be ill with quinsy or flu. The increase in virus activity in the background after the winter weakened immunity can cause the disease.

Doctors warn that it is much easier not to fight the enemy, and to do everything possible that the virus has entered the body. Experts have named a few effective tips that will allow you to reduce the risk of infection.

Nasal rinses.

To protect the mucosa from infection, rinse the nose by special agents with sea salt, saline and disinfectant solutions. This way you will be able to reduce the concentration of bacteria and lighten the life of his immunity.

Antibacterial gel.

Carry antibacterial gel or even wet wipes with antibacterial effect. According to physicians, it is through the hands in our body is most likely to be viruses. You grabbed the handle of the bus, which had touched an infected person, and then rubbed his nose… This is enough.


Doctors often speak of vitamin complexes, and many Ukrainians still ignore this simple and effective rule of cold prevention. Spring regularly consume vitamin C. you Can help the body and natural foods, such as ginger, lemon, honey, dried apricots, prunes and nuts.