Comment: football should be more women arbitrators, as Stephanie Frapper

Комментарий: В футболе должно быть больше таких женщин-арбитров, как Cтефани Фраппар

Football is a man’s game. So it was believed for many years. Now is the time to enhance the role of women in the world of football, said Josh Weber. He cites the example of a French judge Stephanie Frapper.

Stephanie Frappe at full speed and slows down from the penalty. She often breathes in the sprint pace ran half a football field. But neither fatigue, nor the rush does not come from her. One peace of mind. Only she did not count the goal scored by Chelsea’s Christian Politicam in gate “Liverpool”. Had it not been that, in the final match of UEFA super Cup scoreboard would stand for 2:0 in favor of the winner of the Europa League, and it would have shortly before the break to prejudge the outcome of the match.

However, Stephanie Rapper and two of her assistants – French Manuela Nicolosi and Irish Michelle O’neill noted that Politics was in an offside position. After a short discussion with the referee, who watched the replay, Clement Turpinam, Rapper makes a decision: a goal is not counted.

Career Stephanie Trapper

While American Christian Politics furiously waving his hands in front of her face, Rapper responds coolly. She doesn’t allow the pressure and his whole appearance shows confidence in the correctness of the decision. French copes with his work – no doubt about that.

After all, even before 35-year-old Rapper had the opportunity to judge the final of a major men’s football tournament, it is already included in the cohort first-class referee. 19 years she has judged football matches, including the men’s 2011 international meeting. To this day the peak of her career was the judging of the final of the women’s world Cup in July this year.

However, the opportunity to referee UEFA super Cup in Istanbul changed her life. “Now I became famous” – says Rapper. However, she emphasizes that he considers the exaggerated passion of the “historical match”: “For me it is one and the same. The same football, same rules”.

Stephanie Frapper ready for more responsible tasks

For many football fans is not the same, if the match is judged by a man or a woman. And that says a lot. Because the most favorite game in the world still dominated by men. The hike on Saturday to the stadium for decades was considered a male domain. And, it seems, for many, this remains the case today. And not only in Iran or Saudi Arabia, but here in Europe, the birthplace of the sport.

But the walls of this impregnable fortress has already faltered. After all matches of the Bundesliga judging Bibiana Steinhaus (Bibiana Steinhaus), and the games of the UEFA super Cup Stephanie Frapper. In the stands more often heard female voices. Women have long occupied a variety of posts in professional football clubs.

At the edge of the football field are numerous women stewards, and in the sector press are already enough women commentators (which, however, the fact of the matter is you have to deal with ridicule and derision). And that’s not to mention the countless women police officers, the waitress, the ticket sellers and women-of-court settlements, without which football festival just could not happen. Women have long been part of soccer, including the men. And men, it’s time to admit it.

Professionalism in spite of public pressure

Stephanie Trapper and her helpers demonstrated in a complex and controversial full episodes the game the high level of professionalism – and this despite huge public pressure. In the 84th minute Rapper has not scored another goal for Chelsea and again it was the right decision. As the decision to appoint a penalty against Liverpool in added time. Such a flawless work should help the French to be able to judge more important matches. The time has come to allow women referees to serve the big men’s tournaments like the European championship 2020.

From the participation of such a self-confident and not under stress of arbitrators, as Stephanie Frapper, men’s soccer can only benefit. And then could fall and the last taboo – and the woman will be on the post of the head coach of one of the famous clubs or even national team. Women will be able to cope with this work. Why not?

Комментарий: В футболе должно быть больше таких женщин-арбитров, как Cтефани Фраппар

Комментарий: В футболе должно быть больше таких женщин-арбитров, как Cтефани Фраппар