Common causes of accident by negligence of motorcyclists

Распространенные причины ДТП по неосторожности мотоциклистов

Consider the most common causes of accidents and ways to avoid them.

A car turns left in front of motorcyclist

This can happen for many reasons. For example, the motorcyclist is the “blind area” or motorist miscalculated the distance between the motorcycle and its speed. In this situation, you should be extremely careful and try to always look five cars ahead, anticipating the actions of motorists

Skid on the road

To bring the bike maybe on the site with sand, leaves, gravel or even a flow of air from a passing truck. The main thing is not to try to immediately slow down, but rather try to align the bike. Enter the angle of drift need to be wider to increase visibility of obstacles on the speed.

The main causes of accidents by the negligence of bikers /

Motorist sharply reconstructed in the strip rider

As with the left turn, the driver of a car can fail to notice a motorcyclist if it is in the “blind area”. You need to try as little time as possible in such areas. If a motorcyclist can see the eyes of the driver in his mirrors, then also seen. Better not to go on the edge of the dividing strips.


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Распространенные причины ДТП по неосторожности мотоциклистов