“Common practice”. Reaction to the mutual expulsion of diplomats

''Обычная практика''. Появилась реакция на взаимную высылку дипломатов

The expulsion of Ukrainian diplomats from Russia in response to the capture of Russian spy in Lviv is a “nervous reaction” of Moscow.

Comments about this OBOZREVATEL said a source in diplomatic circles.

“It is a common practice: in response to the capture of the us is really guilty Russian spy Moscow responded nervously to prohibit the entry of Ukrainian diplomats”, – said the interlocutor of the edition.

“In General, one gets the impression that in Russia there are no more diplomats working abroad some spies,” he added OBOZREVATEL, Recalling that after the attempted poisoning Sergei Skripal in the UK, the Russian “diplomats” expelled EN masse from the US and 14 European countries.

As reported, Russia declared persona non grata the employee of Consulate General of Ukraine in St. Petersburg in response to similar actions of Ukraine against the Russian representative in Lviv.

Earlier, on 13 August, the SBU announced the arrest of a Russian agent. The military pensioner, the head of one of the NGOs had been recruited by Russian security services in 2014 and collected intelligence information on political and public figures, units of the Armed forces of Ukraine and special law enforcement, foreign military trainers in the Western region of the country. The collected data man gave the Russian spy who worked under diplomatic cover in the Russian Consulate General in Lviv.

  • In response to the attempted poisoning on March 4, 2018 in the UK Sergei Skripal members of the Russian military intelligence – GRU, Britain sent 23 Russian “diplomat”.
  • The President of the United States in response to the poisoning Skripal “ordered to expel dozens of Russian intelligence officers from the United States” and to close the Russian Consulate in Seattle because of its proximity to one of the bases of submarines and the headquarters of the Boeing company. As a result of USA in March 2018 60 expelled Russian diplomats.
  • Russian diplomats kicked out the governments of Denmark, France, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands. The President of the European Council Donald Tusk said that Russian diplomats expelled 14 EU countries.
  • Ukraine said that the 13 expelled Russian diplomats.
  • In mid-July of 2018, the Greek authorities decided to expel two Russian diplomats. They were accused of trying to illegally collect and disseminate information, as well as in the bribery of Greek officials. “The decision to expel the diplomats followed after numerous coordinated efforts related to the expansion of Russian influence in Greece, which, inter alia, connected with the activities of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society (IOPS)”, reported the newspaper “Kathimerini”.
  • Two Russian citizens were arrested in the spring of 2018 in the Hague on suspicion of espionage. According to Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger and the Dutch NRC Handelsblad, the Russians were GRU, they had the equipment for hacking the computer network of the laboratory. The Russians were interested in the Swiss laboratory has studied the materials in the case Skrobala.
  • Swiss authorities in September 2018 demanded that Russia stop the illegal intelligence operations in their country. The Swiss newspaper Sonntags-Zeitung wrote that approximately every fourth Russian diplomat in Switzerland, is a current or former employee of special services.
  • The European external action service (EEAS) in Brussels warned European diplomats and military espionage by the Russian security services in Brussels are, according to them, about 200 Russian spies.