Company Blue Origin has shown a competitor rocket, the Falcon Heavy: video

Company SpaceX is known thanks to a number of projects, including the Falcon Heavy rocket, the first stage which can be re-used. Soon, however, ambitious heavy carrier will have a competitor: company Blue Origin announced its own development called New Glenn with impressive technical characteristics.

Features of the new missile

The nose cone 98-metre-long missile has a diameter of 7 meters and can accommodate your predecessor called New Shepard. The capacity of a “space Elevator” will reach 45 tons, according to Engadget.

It is expected that clients of Blue Origin will be able to put into orbit several large satellites in one launch or deliver commercial cargo to the ISS.

Rocket New Glenn – watch videos


The developers also demonstrated the operation of the engines of upper stages BE-3U. Previously, the company successfully tested the main engine and the second stage BE-4, but the date of the first commercial flight of the New Glenn has yet to be announced.

Other projects of the company

Later Blue Origin intends to build a rocket even larger under the New name of Armstrong, which will serve as a disincentive for Starship projects SpaceX and NASA Space Launch System (SLS) is designed for long and distant flights in space.

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