Company T. B. Fruit again proved in the courts the illegality of raiding actions “Investors Vesta”

Компания T.B. Fruit снова доказала в судах незаконность рейдерских действий "Инвестохиллз Веста"

Northern appellate economic court of Kyiv declared the decision on the recovery of collateral with Novoushitsky cannery illegal and unjustified.

Monday, June 1, North appeal economic court of Kiev satisfied the statement of the Ukrainian-German joint venture “agro-Podillya”, which is included in the group of companies T. B. Fruit, about cancellation of the decision of the permanent arbitration court at the Ukrainian public organization “Union of investors of Ukraine”. Thus, the court found the decision on collecting of the property with Novoushitsky cannery illegal and unjustified. The plaintiff, the court of arbitration of LLC “Financial company “Investors Vesta”.

This is the second decision of the permanent arbitration court at the Ukrainian public organization “Union of investors of Ukraine” in a dispute with a group of companies T. B. Fruit, which is recognized as the Northern economic court of appeal illegal. We will remind, on may 5, 2020 North appeal economic court has cancelled the decision on collecting of indebtedness under the credit agreement, OOO “Tank TRANS” to JSC “Delta Bank” in the amount of EUR 75 million, declaring it illegal. The plaintiff in the arbitration court was also “Investors Vesta”.

Also today, Western appellate economic court closed the proceedings on appeal “Investors Vesta” to “Yablunevyi Gift” and “TB Garden.”

It should be noted that in recent time from “Investors Vesta” is the open persecution of the business known Ukrainian businessman Mordovskogo Taras, the founder of one of the largest producers of Apple concentrate in the world. In November 2019 Finance company at auction conducted by the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits, purchased a pool of outstanding loans, among which were the rights and requirements of 6.19 billion of debt, “Jablonevogo the Gift” and “Tank TRANS” before liquidated “Delta Bank”. Now “Investors Vesta” in various ways puts pressure on the business Mordovskogo, in particular, resorts to black PR and outright manipulation of public opinion.

Recall that in 2015, the NBU has launched a process of elimination of “Delta Bank”. Shortly before “Yablunevyi Gift” on the so-called scheme of “collapse” completed the repayment of all indebtedness under the credit agreements by crediting the Bank counter claims (loan commitments of the Ukrainian company were exchanged for $60 million Deposit of funds of the international Cargill). This procedure was carried out legally in accordance with article 601 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. “Today to us there are no claims by “Delta Bank” and the Fund of guaranteeing deposits”, – said Taras Bardowski. He also added that the list of debtors “Delta Bank” is still open, among them companies “Yablunevyi Gift” and “Tank TRANS” no.

Thus, blatant manipulation “Investors Vesta” in the media are illegal and damage the image of the Ukrainian company T. B. Fruit, of products which is done every 10th bottle of juice in the world, and directly to its owner Taras Varshavskomu.

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