Compatibility in marriage all Zodiac signs: full list

Совместимость в браке всех знаков Зодиака: полный список

Zodiac sign compatibility in the marriage of years is a great thing! With the right approach, it helps to avoid many sharp corners in the relationship. Do we want this? Of course! So let’s ask the stars, how are we to behave with her husband – a member of a particular Zodiac sign. So…

Zodiac sign compatibility in marriage.

  1. Aries Woman

Man-RAM it seeks to dominate, that will create tension. For normal marriage wife should be compliant. Marriage to a male Calf, too complicated – Taurus is pragmatic, and it’s annoying.

Very successful can be the Union with the Twins. Both are tireless, inquisitive, active and able to complement one another. Relationship with a male Cancer promises originally powerful sexual attraction, and then quarrel over small things. Regular storms can lead to the collapse of the Union.

With her husband, Leo marriage will be prosperous, if you constantly praise his sexuality and potency.

Spouse-maiden – also very suitable. We just have to forgive him for the restraint and inability to behave too relaxed. But with Weights, with their tendency to idealize, to live would be quite difficult – the ideal husband will have to match.

The husband, a Scorpio to be so independent that, if he does not provide freedom, it can lead to serious disagreements.

The Union of Aries-Sagittarius promises to be good, if you treat the conflict with humor. Aries with Capricorn too, get along, is wife to awaken her understated husband strong libido.

  1. Taurus Woman

Compatibility of Zodiac signs.The Union of Taurus with Aries is successful only when wife is not cool the enthusiasm of her husband and forgive him a rare infidelity. The relationship of Taurus with Taurus mixed – Taurus men like to court women.

If the wife does not attach importance to this, the relationship will be strong and enjoyable. With her husband, Twin marriage is difficult.

Gemini is dual and changeable, and prone to permanence of the Calf hard all the time to adjust to the half. Cancer Taurus can be a happy marriage, if the physical side of it will satisfy both.

Husband Leo wife a Taurus will always have to appease. Otherwise, the marriage quickly falls apart. A male Virgin, no problems will occur if you do not pay attention to the Puritanism of the spouse. A good marriage and husband-Weights, who will try to satisfy his wife.

With my husband being a Scorpio relationship promises to be rapid, it will need tolerance. Male-Archer – a good option for the Union, if not try to put him on a short leash. My husband and Capricorn marriage is unromantic, but stable, provided that the Taurus will curb my stubbornness.

Life with a man-a Aquarius problematic due to differences in temperament. With her husband, a Fish will be difficult to handle if not tactfully help him in the embodiment of fantasy;

  1. Woman-Gemini

Good prospects of the Union of Gemini with Aries. They are not boring together. But a male Calf is almost complete incompatibility with everything. Taurus – jealous owners. They limit the freedom of the Twins, which won’t allow it.

The connection of Twins with the Twins is unstable because of the impulsiveness of both. The connection of Twins with Cancer very well.

Cancer trusting and will take Twins seriously. It is worth it to understand that the Twin plays, and the marriage will fall apart. But the marriage of Twins, a male Lion – just perfect! Husband-Leo will respond to all the antics of his wife with admiration and will not hinder her in anything.

Gemini with Virgo is unlikely to create a happy Union. Male virgin is not adventurous and tend to criticize the unpredictability of the Twins. My husband and Plummet marriage is going to be very happy. Both husband and wife is not jealous, not possessive, both have their respective temperaments and love to experiment.

But with a jealous Scorpio, and Gemini will be in difficulty. Passion quickly cooled, and the relations could become hostile.

With my husband being a Sagittarius a good marriage, if the spouses do not make each other inflated claims. With Capricorn to create a strong Union difficult, if not to take into account his conservatism.

Married to an Aquarius, and Gemini will be fine. The main trait of his character – the unpredictability of fantasy, so like the Twins. But the man-Fish relationship is fragile because of the atmosphere of suspicion and distrust;

  1. Woman-Cancer

Compatibility of Zodiac signs.Man-RAM communication difficult. Cancer – owner, Aries loves freedom and adventure. Cancer jealousy can ruin a marriage. With Taurus in marriage – Taurus is able to understand the mood of Cancer and smooth out resulting from it problems.

With her husband, Twin good Union is possible, if the Cancer will be able to curb their jealousy. Husband-the Cancer is too similar to his wife. Marriage is unlikely to be happy if the partners will become more friendly.

Cancer and Leo – the connection is successful, provided that the lion will dominate, and Cancer constantly to admire. A good marriage Cancer and Virgo understand perfectly well and complement each other. With Weights Cancer hard to get along due to the variability of the Weights. The Union will be risky. But Scorpio is able to make his wife happy with his passion and need to protect.

Relationship with Sagittarius can be sustained, if allowed to satisfy their desires wanderings. With Capricorn Cancer to find common language hard – Capricorn and Cancer too many alien interests. The Union will be unstable.

Aquarians are too fussy, prone to adventures and few meet the needs of Cancer. A good partnership they are difficult to establish. Cancer and Pisces – a lovely Union. They are perfectly suited to each other throughout;

  1. The Female Lion

The lion is very suitable for marriage Aries – he has the same eccentric and passionate. But Zodiac sign compatibility in the Leo Taurus marriage is questionable, because both are too stubborn. With Twins the Lion will develop excellent relationships if the Twins will be courteous and allow the lion to dominate the Union.

Forecast of when the Lion Cancer is favorable when the Cancer loves Leo and worships him. The male lion is able to make his girl happy. They are both extremely romantic and cualni. Husband-Maid lion will have hard times.

Virgo is conservative and they don’t like the Royal imperiousness and extravagance lions.

With Weights, the Lions are perfectly able to get along if you learn to control your mood and admire your partner. With Scorpio it will be difficult because of the tendency of Scorpio to possessiveness. Husband-Sagittarius is an excellent option for Leo. He’s loyal and able to inspire wife.

Practical Capricorn make a good match only under the condition that the lion will concede some of his demands and become less extravagant. The marriage of Aquarius and Leo in General undesirable.

Analyst-Aquarius undermines the confidence of a Lion in their own abilities. Unsuccessful and the Union of the Lion with a Fish. They just don’t understand each other;

  1. Woman-Virgo

Aries – the wrong party due to the difference in the interests of the temperaments. With Taurus Virgo will be happy because in almost all areas of life they are completely compatible.

With Twins the Union is successful only in xalem issue. In the rest of the freedom-loving Gemini irritate the Virgo. Great will be the connection of Virgo with Cancer. Virgo wants to take care of, Cancer is prone to addiction.

With the Lion, Virgo is unlikely to come to an understanding. The pragmatic Virgo and Leo is expansive and does not tolerate criticism. Man-Virgo Union is possible, but it is unlikely to be bright and cheerful because of the restraint of both.

With Weights the relationship difficult. Allowing at the frivolity of Weights and intolerant to this Virgo is not very common. With my husband being a Scorpio this Union will be favorable if virgin will allow him to awaken his sexuality.

Sagittarius to Virgo is not a viable candidate for a husband. He couldn’t bear prudence of the virgin in life and in sex. Strong and successful will be the marriage of Virgo and Capricorn. They both are practical, cautious and have many points of contact. With Aquarius Virgo is best avoided.

Virgo – the Puritan, the Aquarius is the screwball. Fish community is too complicated – the maiden in love is kept, and the Fish love is important in life;

  1. The Woman-Libra

With Aries, the relationship is tense. Aries are tireless, while Libra crave peace. With Taurus marriage is unlikely to be successful. Romantic Libra, Taurus owner and materialist. With Twins the perfect partnership. Both passionate, romantic and free-spirited.

Marriage with Cancer is complex. Libra is impulsive and fickle Cancer is a pragmatic and economical.

Lion Union are warm, if the Scale is inferior to an imperious lion. Mercantile dictators Virgo is unlikely to make happy wife-Scales. Husband-Weights she’ll get along fine, if both more practical come to life.

The leaders of the Scorpions for the Weights too jealous. The relationship can be tumultuous, passionate, but volatile. With Sagittarius Libra lucky if forgive his desire for independence.

The Union with her husband-Capricorn is highly unfortunate, because the workaholic Capricorn annoying lazy Libra, and Libra can not stand the practicality of Capricorn. The Alliance with the Aquarius successful.

Aquarius perfectly complements the wife and the home, and in bed. With Fish Scales to be difficult. None of them want to take responsibility for the family;

  1. Scorpion Woman

Compatibility of Zodiac signs. With Aries relationship is uneven because of the selfishness and ambition of both. With Taurus Scorpio can combine only the bed. Otherwise, they are unlikely to come to an understanding.

Gemini for Scorpio – DC voltage. Gemini is too changeable, Scorpions, tenacious and persistent. Perfect Union they can create Cancer. With him – almost full compatibility and Xueling relationships, and characters.

Lion Scorpion is best avoided. They are both very violent temper, and constant scandals are inevitable. With Virgo Scorpio threatens the incompatibility in the sexual sphere. If not, the Union will turn out good.

Complicated marriage of a Scorpio with Libra. Libra is lazy and sensitive, Scorpio active and jealous. Unsuccessful and the Union of Scorpio with Scorpio because of the almost complete similarity of the heavy characters.

The relationship of Scorpio and Sagittarius, too, leaves much to be desired. Sagittarius is too freedom-loving Scorpio – possessive. With Capricorn Scorpio will easily find a common language, and the marriage will be harmonious.

With Aquarius, the Union failed. Scorpio will not be able to take sociability and impracticality. A good marriage is the Scorpion Fish. They would be happy to submit to the Scorpion;

  1. The Woman-Sagittarius

With Aries has a lot in common interests. The marriage will be excellent. With the Bullock for a good relationship will require self-discipline. Taurus – practical, home-loving, Sagittarians are restless.

Gemini is too fluid and unpredictable. A serious relationship is problematic. Unreliable and the Union of Scorpio with Cancer. Cancer likes stability and security, the Sagittarius is adventurous and crave adventure.

Leo to Sagittarius – ideal partners. They have a lot in common, which makes it easy to understand each other.

With the Virgin connection is fragile. Pedantic Virgo will not tolerate recklessness archers. But the husband Scales the practicality of the virgin suited and even really like.

Union with scale and perspective will be long and happy. Scorpions-wife-Sagittarius will irritate their independence.

The marriage between them is difficult. Relationship Sagittarius Sagittarius is unpredictable because of the similarity of natures. The Union of Sagittarius with Capricorn unreliable. Sagittarius is impulsive and irrational, Capricorn is cautious and stingy.

Sagittarius with Aquarius will perfectly understand each other, as they have similar personalities. Good family the Archer Fish is questionable. Fish inactive and shy Sagittarians are energetic and sociable;

  1. The Woman-Capricorn

Compatibility of Zodiac signs. A RAM she is going to compete in everything. The marriage will be successful if both like battles.

With Taurus relationships will be successful because of the similarity of life values. Gemini and Capricorn are opposites.

The Union is unlikely to last long. Short may be the relationship Capricorn Cancer – they are too different. Leo to Capricorn is also not a good partner. Both too independent.

A strong Union will have Capricorn with Virgo. Both conservative, dependent, practical and neat. With Weights the relationship difficult.

Libra is selfish and is not able to meet the needs of Capricorn. A good marriage of Capricorn and Scorpio. The Capricorn is able to take the tendency of Scorpio to domination.

Union with Sagittarius difficult because of the conservatism of Capricorn and extravagance of Sagittarius. The relationship of Capricorn with Capricorn satisfactory. Both industrious and economical.

With Aquarius in marriage, if the spouses will established a friendly relationship. The connection of the goat with a Fish great. They perfectly complement each other;

  1. Aquarius Woman

Compatibility of Zodiac signs. With Aries, if he becomes leader, the Union is excellent. With Taurus in Aquarius clashes – both uncompromising and has a strong will. The marriage of Aquarius with the Twins promising and successful.

The twins readily amenable to Aquarius and share their interests. The Union Cancer is problematic due to the excessive emotionality of Cancer. Leon and relationships are complicated.

Leo is more interested in the physical side of Aquarius – spiritual. With a good Virgin marriage is only possible if you have common interests.

With Weights would be happy. Aquarius and Libra have similar aspirations. Marriage with Scorpio undesirable. He is very jealous and may become aggressive, the Aquarius can’t live with.

A wonderful partnership in Aquarius with Sagittarius. Both are not jealous, love to dream and to be in society.

With Capricorn Union is contradictory. Capricorn – owner, it is difficult to make the sociability of Aquarius. Reliable will the marriage of Aquarius with Aquarius – they have lots of common interests. Fish in Aquarius relationship is fragile due to the difference in order;

  1. The Woman-Fish

Compatibility of Zodiac signs. With Aries happy, if you do not attach importance to his field. With Taurus in marriage when he paid his wife much attention. Get along with Pisces and Gemini, when both will become less self-centered.

Pisces and Cancer under the leadership of the Cancer make a good couple. The Union of Pisces and Leo will be difficult. Pisces is secretive and sentimental, that annoying short-tempered Lion.

The relationship of Pisces and Virgo is not easy. Virgo is practical and picky that it hurts overly sensitive Fish.

Not too favorable to the Union of Fishes with Scales. The fish needed lead, Scales to be leaders don’t like. In this respect, Fish will satisfy the Scorpions. They love to dominate in the family.

Union with Sagittarius undesirable. Sluggish Fish are a burden on independent and active Sagittarius. With a strong and powerful Capricorn Pisces will feel protected.

The connection between them is reliable and sturdy. Independent Aquarius this support to help the Fishes can not, therefore, the marriage is problematic. A pair of Fish – Fish, in the absence of the leader, threatens emotional exhaustion and indifference.