Competitions for positions of Deputy heads of the RRG declared illegal – the statement of the NGOs

Конкурсы на должности замов главы ГБР объявлены незаконно - заявление общественных организаций

On the website of the State Bureau of investigation on 29 December published the information about the beginning of the contest for the posts of Deputy Directors of the RRG. The deadline – from December 30 to January 3. Human rights and anti-corruption organizations insist on the illegality of the contest and called for its repeal.

“For the collection and filing of all documents given only three working days, considering the date of publication. Such deadlines are unrealistic and make impossible the submission of documents by candidates who had had pre-prepared package of documents. In addition, the above information is obscured on the website of the RRG, because it can be found only after careful search in sections of the site,” – said in a statement posted on the website of the “Foundation DEJURE” on Friday, January 3.

The authors of the statement noted that the competition Procedure for appointment to positions in the GBR provides for the publication of information on holding a competition no later than 15 days before completion of receiving the documents.

“Therefore, 15 days of notification the contest is impaired. Subsequently, the leadership of the RRT stated that the above Order is invalid, because the Director has approved a new. However, this new order is not on the official website of GBR”, – said in a statement.

Its authors demand to abolish competition and call BP. acting Director of GBR Irina Venediktova “don’t start your journey on the office with violations of the Law.”

“The opaque selection process of leadership may indicate a lack of political will to independent and accountable functioning of the Office, calls into question any investigation conducted GBR”, – concluded the representatives of the organizations.

The statement was supported by “Foundation of DEJURE”, all-Ukrainian Association “Maidan”, Statewatch, the Centre for public monitoring and research Charity Fund “Vostok SOS”, “Kharkov anti-corruption center”, “Media initiative for human rights”,NGO “Family of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes”,”the Movement CHESNO”