Competitor Steam: a new digital store Epic Games Store officially earned – Techno 24

Конкурент Steam: новий цифровий магазин Epic Games Store запрацював офіційно - Техно 24

During the ceremony, The Game Awards the 2018 company Epic Games announced the launch of its digital store Epic Games Store. It needs to compete with popular among gamers of Steam.

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While in Epic Games said that the conditions for developers at their store to be more profitable than Steam. So, they will pick up only 12% of the profits from games on all engines, whereas in Steam of such a Commission more than two times higher.

In the Epic Games Store developers will be able to lead the news and to communicate with the players. Also Epic Games offers to promote your projects using streamers and bloggers for using referral links.

Now in the Epic Games Store available four games to download: Fortnite, Ashen, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek and a new project of Hades, which is the exclusive early access.

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