Compiled gradation of alcohol on the degree of harm

Составлена градация алкоголя по степени его вредности

We have placed a strong and a drink in the increasing order of their harmfulness. This knowledge will not prevent, but also useful.

It is almost useful by potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

It is strange that the pirates were such deaths.


In agave contains polysaccharides fructans, which can regulate stomach acidity and help with ulcerative colitis.

Still, the tequila is very strong.


Third place.

It relieves pulmonary edema, you can drink ulcers, but alas, vodka sverhkaloriynogo and addictive to it develops quickly.


Despite the presence of ellagic acid (a potent anti-cancer antioxidant), whisky in our top not the leader. The reason – the abundance of fusel oils.


Due to vigorous cocktail alcoholic fraction cognac in large doses nearly toxic to the nervous system. Although it also dilates blood vessels.

Now you know! And yet it is important to understand that any alcoholic beverage will be very harmful in too large portions.