Complete if Roger Federer career in 2021: a coach’s response

Завершит ли Роджер Федерер карьеру в 2021 году: ответ тренера

Завершит ли Роджер Федерер карьеру в 2021 году: ответ тренера

The living legend of tennis, Swiss Roger Federer skips the season 2020 not only because of the quarantine, but also injuries. Coach 38-year-old tennis player Severin Lutz told whether to leave Federer with tennis in 2021.

According to Lutz, Federer is unlikely to retire in 2021. But he noted that such a scenario cannot be excluded 100%, informs Eurosport.

Federer loves life on tour

Lutz is convinced that Roger, who is a professional tennis since 1998, still loves life on the tour.

“I never heard him say that he should stop because he wants to change lifestyle or tired of moving,” said Lutz.

He noted that Federer, whose assets 103 of title, hardly considering retirement in 2021.

Nothing can be ruled out 100%, but considering how Roger loves tennis and spending time with friends who have it worldwide, I don’t think he is considering retiring from tennis in 2021,
the coach noted.

Trauma Federer

  • Federer knee injury, which became known in the beginning of the season. Roger was injured after the quarter-finals of the Australian Open in 2020.
  • The Swiss reached the semi-finals and despite the pain played the whole match against Novak Djokovic. Federer has never been withdrawn from matches.
  • Later Roger said that he will return to court in the summer because of the surgery.
  • However, he was not able to recover as quickly as expected. In addition, the Swiss has made another operation. The rest of the season, Federer will not play.

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